destabilize to bolster

       what if....

                what we want to hide/are not comfortable with/are not aware of...

                                                                                             becomes our mainstream?

WashU Fall 2016

seventh semester/

degree project

prof. Antonio Sanmartin

starting point: The project is an exploration of a dialogue of identities. It researches how presence of differences complements their interaction. Conversation happens within a certain space-time frame. This one starts to exist in a frame of reference of its site, the city and history / memory.

Tools: Rhinoceros, Vray,

           AutoCAD, Illustrator, 

           Climate Consultant,

           hand model building

program: It addresses sexual health of public and an individual through two approaches:

that of observing sex as an opportunity for entertainment and play, and that of sex as a source of trauma, anxiety, unease,ignorance...

Prime goal is to provide a self-reflective experience that makes one feel more at ease and embracing sexual preferences, identity, and overall personality, both individually and socially.

Type: community 

Program: performance + counselling

Location: Academy, St. Louis, USA

Area: 43,500sf ~ 4,000m2

site: It is a reaction to a set of anomalies: of

Hodiamont breaking the grid, Union separating

two grids, strip of large educational buildings

influencing spatial scales, etc.

strategy + meaning: Through spatial, scale-less studies of sections I am examining different dynamics and moments of a conversation of different entities. These moments are translated into spaces with assigned programs. As sections are finding their place on the site plan, and become more specific, intentions for structure and tectonics start to emerge: spaces dedicated to entertainment are heavy, anchored to specificity of the site, and spaces for counselling are lightweight and part of Hodiamont and the city itself. 
Again, a conversation of two identities: anchored and wandering, the latter blurring the boundary of the site.