Project Management How To

Here is an overview of what Project Management is about, how to break it down, and how to study for it. All the materials shown in this video are available for free download under​ I am purposefully sharing this work for free so that everyone who could use a little help in navigating PjM can access these materials. I passed PjM last year, so hours I spent creating this content did not quite help me personally. I spent those hours creating a tool that I wished I had when I was in your shoes. If there is a specific price you think these materials deserve, you can pay for them by clicking the "Donate" button. Highlighted sheets of the ARE Handbook are used as raw sheets from which I extracted information on topics you need to cover. That data is then organized into a spreadsheet, together with guidelines on where to start looking for information in order to cover required topics. The study guide spreadsheet is meant to help you navigate your studying for this exam. You can use it as a to do list on your screen or printed. If you prefer to use highlighted ARE Handbook sheets, you can do that as well. I believe the next step is to put this to do list into a timeframe. In other words, creating a studying schedule. Here you have to make some realistic and prudent estimates. You have to ask yourself questions that will help you determine how much time you can devote to studying and preparing for this exam. If you need help with that, let me know. I can help you figure out what may work well for you.

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