Do you poop your pants a little when you see graphics/diagrams filled questions? I was in that place, too. I got to learn all this the hard way. Now I want to help you avoid the mistakes I did, so that you can go through the process easier and with more confidence.

When I was studying for PA, my main problem with these, as I called them, puzzle questions is the fact that there really isn't enough of puzzle practice questions out there. Without enough practice, you cannot develop solving techniques. That ultimately results in panic and freaking out during the test, when you actually need to be calm the most.

This package is here to help you. It consists of a pdf and a video. In the pdf, you will see nine questions (written and illustrated by yours truly), nine answers, and in the video tutorial I will be guiding you through best practices of solving puzzle questions on the actual test. I will share with you detailed how to's, and warn you about potential traps. By looking at bubble diagrams, adjacency matrix, phasing diagrams, floor plans and site plans, you will learn how the same strategies apply to multiple question setups.